Your best shot.
By the crowd.


We believe the crowd at mass-participation events is underutilized. With smartphone cameras going pro, spectators can become content creators.

Picme was born out of our own frustrations. We were frustrated by expensive event photos which took ages to become available and by the spectator experience. With Picme, spectators have the opportunity to engage with the event and its sponsors and earn money selling photos.

We’re on a mission to bring event photography into the mobile age and democratize photography.

Join us!


You can check the Picme app for upcoming events. If you see a Picme sponsored photographer, runner, or banner at the event it’s worth checking the app for photos!

Since most events are in public spaces and in public sight it is entirely legal to take photos of participants. Since the purchaser of the photos is the subject of the photos, they grant consent to the photographer. For more information please see our Terms & Conditions in the footer.

Anyone can submit photos to an event on Picme. We encourage people to take as many photos as possible. This will increase your chances of selling photos! Make sure you get the subject on their own and in stride to increase your chances of selling photos.

We want to keep photos costs low, ideally between £3 and £7. Prices may vary depending on the event size, prestige and the number of photographers.